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As we start to emerge from the worst effects of the coronavirus pandemic, Philip Young is urging us to ensure that the “new normal” is one which cares for God’s creation as well as each other.
Regular contributor Andy Bryant is heeding the Government’s advice to Stay Alert, but points out that, as Christians, we should always be alert anyway.
Rev Helen Garrard reflects on the scaled back VE-day celebrations earlier this month, but is optimistic about the re-discovery of the role of the Church in Society.
As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease, Andy Bryant points out that we have an opportunity to rebuild society based on the values Jesus taught us.
Janet Marshall finds she is inspired by special spaces such as Norwich Cathedral, and shares her thoughts in poetry.
Anna Heydon has been finding the rainbow images displayed in some people’s windows an encouraging reminder of God’s love.
As we prepare to Clap for our Carers again this week, Andy Bryant reminds us that these essential members of society will still be caring for us after the clapping falls silent.
At a time when many people are fearful for the future, Ron Skivington reminds us that God is able to cope with all the situations which trouble us, from environmental concerns to the coronavirus pandemic.
As Ruth Lilley faces the challenges of the coronavirus crisis, in particular home schooling, she remembers that it is God’s strength that keeps her going.
Regular columnist Andrew Bryant is keeping his distance, but explains why he feels this should not become a permanent arrangement.
Jane Clamp gives us an insight into how she has been filling the gap in our lives created by the lockdown.
Robert Ashton is coming to terms with a new way of worshipping, and recalls the impact a previous pandemic had on his ancestors.
In the midst of the current turmoil, Andy Bryant has been counting his blessings, and realises that he has a lot to be grateful for.
As he reflects on our isolated Easter celebrations this year, Andy Bryant realises that we need to be seeking lasting hope, not mere optimism.
Jane Clamp has been reflecting on the Easter story, and her thoughts have been turning to the final words of Jesus on the cross: “It is finished.”
Suzanne Cooke brings a message of hope as we all endure the disruption, and for many the grief, caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Philip Young reminds us that God’s love is there for us, and that the Easter message is one of victory over death.
Andrew Bryant is finding that social distancing is bringing less noise into his life, and explains how we might benefit from this.
Mark Rostron continues his exploration of the subject of forgiveness – especially how much and at what point repentance comes into play – and looks at Jesus’ personal dealings with people requiring forgiveness.
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